Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Sorry guys, no new postings 4 quite sometime. Been quite busy lately ... but today I've one. Happy reading !

We have a natural tendency to complain about the slightest problem and discontentment. No doubt some grouses are legitimate and “deserved” to be complained about, but most are sometimes embarrassingly unreasonable.

Yes, we are a democratic nation, and yes, we have freedom of speech – but honestly, some of the complaints and issues brought up at times can be ludicrous, and even hilarious.

Actually, there are many things in our day-to-day life that have improved tremendously that we sometimes take for granted. There is so much to be grateful for.

The fact that we woke up this morning, after sleeping comfortably, in the love of the family members, is already something to be thankful for. People in our neighboring country are losing loved ones and homes, and experiencing tragic disasters.

I am not suggesting that we should not address our problems. It is easy to be a spectator and just throw our opinions in the open without backing them up with action. Walk your talk. We must cooperate collectively as a community to ensure the welfare of the nation.

Lets put our thoughts into mature perspective, and be truly grateful for the many things that we do have.

In this fast-paced world, we have more demands and higher expectations. We want things done immediately in an instant. If our life could be like a vending machine, we will be most gratified.

There was a time when we had to queue up overnight just to get a number to get an application form for a passport. If you survive this stage, you will have to pray hard that the counters don’t close before your number is called. And getting one’s road tax and license renewed was a case of either paying off the touts or enduring multiple trips to the nearest RTD office.

Today, one can get a passport in two hours. The cynic will immediately say that this is only available in a small office and it is nothing to shout about unless it is available nationwide.

Never mind the naysayer. The fact of the matter is that the majority of us appreciate these positive changes and though we may not say it openly, we know our quality of life has improved tremendously.

So let us learn to appreciate such blessings in our lives, and the people who make them happen. Cheer when things improve. Let's do things today better than we did yesterday.

Don’t condemn, but contribute.

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Neeza Ramli said...

agree! when we have RM10 in our pocket, we thought we are broke. We forgot that some beggars have to sit under the sun for RM1...