Friday, March 21, 2008


As part of our pre-Kinabalu training program, we decided to go to Cameron Highlands / CH (again !) for a "warm-up" stint before the real Kinabalu challenge comes May 2008. Eventhough most of our team members (KPTM Trekkers) have been to Kinabalu at least twice already (2005 and 2007), we thought it would be good if we can do some "light stretching" in CH.
Having already conquered the top 3 highest mountains in the CH range (Gunung Irau 2110m (6924 ft) ASL, Gunung Berembun 2075m ASL and Gunung Brinchang 2029m ASL), this time we thought of trying the "lesser known" Gunung Jasar and Gunung Perdah, at one go !
29 Feb 2008 FRIDAY
1800 hrs - After clocking out from work, carpooled with Sofian Hashim from KPTM KL to Cameron Highlands. It rained quite heavily along the way. We stopped at R&R Tapah for dinner & prayers.

Still drizzling, we continue journey. Took exit Simpang Pulai towards Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. Going uphill, this road was a lot "better" compared to the old, narrow & winding road through Tapah. Arrived at Kem Sg. Pauh (Forestry Department) at about 2300 hrs. Pitched up tents for the rest of the group, wash up & went to sleep in the hammock.

At around 0300 hrs (3 am), the weather just got too cold. Couldn't stand it anymore (sleeping in the hammock), so I moved out to a nearby surau. Wrapped myself up in the sleeping bag padded with all available stockings, leg warmers & snow cap. After a short while, felt a bit better & dozed off.

01 March 2008 SATURDAY
Woke up early for subuh prayers. Tried to take morning shower, but don't have the grits to do so. Maaan ! the water was just damn too cold. It's actually freezing cold ! So I decided to just brush teeth & clean up ala-PRamlee (cowboy style) - ie just dab-dab here & there ... hehehh :)

Had quite a good hefty breakfast, prepared by our very own "master chefs". Drove (carpooled again) towards Tanah Rata. At Oly Apartments, we turned right and look for a nice spot to park. All trekkers gathered at the makeshift "carpark" to do light stretching, led by Wan Ezanie (KPTM Bangi). Recite doa, offering prayers for a safe trek.

Since the terrain was quite new to all of us, we decided to walk together in one big group. After appointing Sham Otai as the first man (recce) and Shah Panjang as our last man (or sweeper), we began trekking at around 1000 hrs by following Trail #10. The trek starts at the end corner of the Oly Apartment blocks. In the beginning the trek was quite "normal", but soon after that it began to ascend at roughly 50 degrees or so ! Mencanak giler beb !

It was quite a tough one, but after a few oohs and aahs, we managed to reach the summit of Gunung Jasar at roughly 1100 hrs - after a 1 hour non-stop climb. Enjoyed the cool breeze & nice views for about 15 minutes or so. From the summit, you can see Tanah Rata town very clearly as the day was bright & shiny. Took photos of the beatiful sceneries. Can also see Gunung Perdah from a distance.

Continue trekking downwards towards Perdah. It was just a breeze, as many of us, especially Liza, practically "fly" down the hill slopes. The ground soil was a bit wet & mossy though, with lots of tree roots to watch out for. After a short while, the trek goes uphill again. But this time, it was not as bad as going up for Jasar. Within less than an hour, we already reached the summit of Gunung Perdah. This one got a much better views than Jasar. Very breathtaking ! Takbiir !! God is really Great !

Spent about 20 minutes for a breather at the Perdah summit. Some of us had light brunch with sandwiches which we had packed earlier. We descended through Trail#12. The track ends at the weather station. Reached the main road just in front of the famous CH golf course around 1300 hrs. Alhamdulillah, mission accomplished - 2 mountains in one day !! Wow ! Syabas to all, especially the first timers !
I guess everyone is now ready for Kinabalu ... just can't wait for May 2008 ! :)


Neeza Shahril said...

seronoknya trekking.. tapi tak ramai ye yang pergi trekking tu? Orang biasa macam Islah, takde ke? Yang saya kenal - Hj (mestilah kan.. hehehe), Ezani dan HR guy tu.. Fendi kan nama dia.. and sorang lagi.. pernah jumpa dulu masa SUPTEM tapi tak ingat la nama dia..

pB said...

Salam ...

Datang terjun dari blog Neeza.

Wow, so adventerous lar.
Daki gunung, panjat gunung.

Last pB panjat gunung tahun 92. Belas belas tahun dah tu.
Gunung Ayam kat Klate kito ....