Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Do you know that March 24th is Hari Perhutanan Sedunia (World Forestry Day) ? This year's theme is "LOVE OUR FOREST". Ask ourselves this question : What are our contributions towards conservation & sustainability of our forests ?

I'm sure many of us can easily give tens or even more ideas of means & ways that we can do, or at least add into our existing "to-do lists" as our effort of ensuring our forests' flora & fauna be sustained possibly for a long long time to come - at least for the sake of our future generations.

But what I'm gonna share here is the startling fact about the water that some of us may have taken for granted.
I reckoned many of us already knew that 70% of the world's surface is covered by water. But do we know that 97.5% of that water is SALT water ? That leaves us with only about 2.5% which is freshwater !
Of the remaining 2.5% freshwater, 68.7% of it is FROZEN in ice caps and glaciers.

So we are left with just less than 1% which is available for human consumption. Sikit nyer ...

So the message here is very simple : Don't waste-waste water lah :) Use them wisely, while we still have them !!

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