Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Challenge of Teaching

I guess one of the most frustrating experience being a lecturer is teaching unwilling and uninterested students. They attend classes, but their minds are elsewhere.
They come to college with no clear goal or objective. They are also not ready to pursue knowledge, what more to acquire technical or life skills.

Education to them is a past-time. They kill time by being idle and unproductive. They spend time chit-chatting and doing things that can better be done at home or elsewhere.

The worst thing is their stubbornness, they refuse help and counseling. They can be aggressive and can even turn violent if provoked. They have ears that do not listen, and heads that work only one way – their way !

They want freedom and do not want to be tied down by the college time-table and rules and regulations. When it comes to homework and exams, they produce inferior second and third class work.
They seem to be not interested in studies. The more such students there are, the less pleasurable a lecturer’s life is, and the more stressful too !

We always hope such students will one day change. Being young and innocent, we tend to forgive them. But they must also realize that if this attitude prolongs, their future is at stake...

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