Tuesday, April 22, 2008


As a Malaysian, what more a Kelantanese Malaysian, I am truly fed up and “loya” with all the back-stabbing and bickering among UMNO members, especially when these news were on the front pages and main highlights of our local newspapers, televisions and other media.
Nowadays I even skip national news in most newspaper, as they all highlighted about fighting for power in the party. It likens the washing of dirty clothes in public. It’s sooo boring (and embarrasing too) ! Dont you think so ?

There are greater issues that need to be addressed. They should focus on running the country instead of wasting time “fighting” for power. Many of them just couldn’t wait for Pak Lah to step down. It just shows how power crazy this bunch of people are !

On a personal note, if the prime minister is to step down, then I feel that all the UMNO representatives before the 12th General Election should also follow suit because they should all share the blame and responsibility.
The failure is a team failure that has come about from sheer arrogance, self interest topped up with total ignorance of the people’s voices.

Sometimes I wonder why all this sudden obsession with the succession plan? PAS didn’t have any such problems governing Kelantan even though it won by only one seat in 2004 …

People want less politicking and instead more concern for the nation and people. It seems like these politicians have not learnt their lesson. May be they have forgotten that the people are watching them …

The rakyat voted for a government that delivers – be it BN or PR (Pakatan Rakyat). Keep it clean, keep it simple, and deliver what the rakyat wants – not what the party members want ! This is the government of Malaysia and for those leaders or people who believe that kerajaan is only BN, please stop at la la land and put your feet on the ground and work at it.

The ruling party doesn’t tell people what they should want. It is the people who should tell the ruling party what they want. So politicians serve the people, and not the other way around. “Pemimpin itu adalah khadam kepada mereka yang dipimpin”. They must therefore serve honestly and faithfully.

All in all, I would say that the most powerful voice of all belonged to ordinary Malaysians. They were united in what they wanted – a functioning government, minus the politics. To those politicians, I have one request : Get your priorities right and put nation first. Stop pointing fingers at each other and get on with the job !

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