Wednesday, April 2, 2008

LIVING A HALAL LIFE - not just eating halal food !

HALAL LIVING is not just about eating halal food. It's definitely more than that. But first, let's look at what the meaning of the word "halal" really is. The definition and use of the term varies between Arabic-speaking communities and non-Arabic speaking ones.

In Arabic-speaking countries, the term is used to describe anything permissible under Islamic law, in contrast to haram, that which is forbidden. This includes behavior, speech, dress, conduct, manner and dietary laws.

In most non-Arabic-speaking countries, the term is most commonly used in a much narrower context of just Muslim dietary laws, especially when meat, poultry and alcohol are concerned, though it can be used for the more general meaning as well. (

Halal living is about being fit for life. Halal living is about being in balance – the body, mind and spirit in balance with the divine universe every moment of the day. Only when we see everyone as the same regardless of race or religion can we say we are living in balance, or living a halal life.

Living a halal life is much more important than eating halal food if we are Muslims. Eating halal food while living a non-halal life is hypocrisy at its greatest. Halal living is something we should all be aspiring to – remember that halal living is a concept that encompasses daily living, including speech, dress, manner, behavior and conduct, as well as dietary laws.

We must become halal in all we do, especially in business and politics. We must realize that money politics and corruption are haram and contribute to the imbalance and negative consciousness our nation suffers from. What our nation suffers is what we suffer and vice versa.

Many of us love to plan, yet when it comes to living what we plan about, that is another story. The Holy Books of all faiths guide us in halal living, yet for all we claim to be a spiritual nation with spiritual values, we still accept haram activities so easily.

There is no point in praying as our religion teaches us, and then go about living a non-halal lifestyle. There is no point insisting on halal products and then living a non-halal lifestyle.
Wallahu a'lam ...

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