Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WHAT Is A Company Profile

A Company Profile is an important aspect in a company's marketing plans. In simple terms it can be viewed as a Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) of your company. Having a well written profile helps the company to engage and attract the right customers or supporters for its business.

For media attention, a business needs an intriguing profile to entice editors or reporters to gain an understanding of the company's mission, products, services, personnel and uniqueness.

To acquire financing, a comprehensive company profile should be submitted with a business plan to feature unique qualifications of the company or personnel, that aren't generally outlined in a business plan.

Without a well-written company profile, a company may not be attracting the best candidates when posting job descriptions, or even suppliers and vendors to help them grow.

These 3 steps will help you craft a commendable company profile that is true to your vision, perception and even beliefs.


A basic profile should include the name and address along with the general information about the company such as key personnel, descriptions of the company's products or services. 

It would be a good idea to include the mission and philosophy of the company along with the business plan which gives a fair idea to the client as to what he can expect; one can also include welfare activities, if any, that the company undertakes. All these should be presented in a manner that laymans, as well as industry personnel, can easily comprehend. Why?

Because, a reporter might be looking for relevant businesses for a story they are preparing. Naturally, including your company could possibly bring great 'free exposure' to your intended market (if it's a positive story, of course). But if the reporter -- or anyone else who is googling the product/service you provide -- cannot figure out what you offer, your profile won't help sell your products, nor entice media to interview your company personnel.

This does not mean you cannot include high level industry information, just be sure to also include some easy-to-understand layman terminology in your description.


People relate to people. So add something from a human perspective. A great company profile should be filled not only with descriptions of products or services, but also some sense or personality of the business' culture. 

Adding information about the company's purpose, community support or mission (not one of those trite mission statements, though) can add human personality to a profile, thus adding interest to the reader.

The language used should be as far as possible jargon free for easy comprehension, even if you deal in highly specialized work as it enables better dissipation of information. While highlighting the achievements one can cite client comments and also mention the employees who have performed above average (eg. excellent worker of the month) as it shows your commitment and dedication to client satisfaction.


Last but not least, special care should be taken to mention your uniqueness as to why a client would like to do business with you. This can be done by explaining a founder's unique route to the company's development, or mention the special awards and honors a company has won, a good rank in a survey, the donations or any special service or volunteering it's employees provide the community. 

All these will contribute to your overall persona as it gives the reader some grasp of how the company is unique, special or different from others in it's same category.

Elaborating a bit on the educational qualifications and credentials, training or experience of the employees excites customers and helps them identify the company that fits their own beliefs and criteria.

Being generic and obtuse in your company description makes it really hard for any readers to understand why they would want to do business with a company or buy products/services that sound like any others.

Above all else, be direct, honest and interesting, since plenty of bland, boring and hype-filled profiles already abound. Make sure your company profile is able to differentiate your business with clear positioning to stand apart from the crowd.

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