Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Trust is a critical foundation for good relationships. Families, friendships, and organizations need trust to operate effectively.

As Muslims, we are constantly reminded to emulate the 4 basic characters of our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in whatever we do – Siddiq (benar), Amanah (jujur), Tabligh (menyampaikan) and Fathonah (bijaksana).

Siddiq is an Arabic word meaning “trustworthy” or “yang bercakap benar dan sangat dipercayai”. When we trust one another, everything works better, and easier too. But trust is not automatic, we must earn it.

Some people earn trust quickly. Their attitudes and behaviors make it easy for others to trust them. They keep their promises, whether to their colleagues, employees or clients. You can rely on them to do what they said they would do.

They tell the truth, even when it may be painful or to their disadvantage. When they realized that they have done something wrong, they are quick to apologize. They sincerely regret wronging others. And most importantly, they will not repeat the same mistakes again.

They are good listeners. They listen at least as much as they talk. They praise people generously. They are constantly watching for what others do right and comment on it.

They willingly cooperate with their staff or colleagues. They are more interested in achieving good results than in who gets the credit. They strive to understand how others feel. They are sensitive and empathetic.

They look out for other people’s welfare and interests, as well as their own. They are fair in their dealings with everyone. They clarify their intentions so others will understand their actions. They seek input on all issues from the people who will be affected by their decisions or actions.

Strong trust builders are extremely relationship oriented. They really care about others. They actively practice the Golden Rule of “treating others the way they would want to be treated.”

When leaders demonstrate these attitudes and behaviors, people will just naturally trust them. People trust them faster too. People don’t “run away” from them – in fact, people enjoy working with, as well as for them.

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Muhammad Maharoff said...

I agree with your article 100%. Thanks Allah, luckily I've couple of friends that I can trust. One of them is YOU!