Wednesday, January 21, 2009

201KM-Sample Online Journal


I hope by now all of my 201KM students (both old and new) have created ur own blog for the online journal dedicated to ur 201KM subject. As explained in class, I'm expecting u to start writing & submitting ur weekly "posts" starting this first week onwards.

Please use this standard format for ur blog name: eg. or Use ur firstname as the prefix.

For new students (part A), begin your weekly report titled as WEEK 1, WEEK 2... etc. For old students (part B), u can begin the weekly report with WEEK 15, WEEK 16... etc.

What to write about? Basically just ANYTHING about the project u r about to do or currently doing. What's impt is that it has to be ORIGINAL - written in ur own words,
emphasizing on the MILESTONES and/or project management issues encountered.

U can check out this nice blog by one of ur friends: She created this blog to update her internship progress report for A205EEI subject.

Should there be any enquiries, feel free to drop by my office.

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