Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trekking Nuang Dec 2009

The main entrance to the foot of Gunung Nuang (under the jurisdiction of Selangor Forestry Dept) ... How to get there ? Well it's abt 40km from KL. Take the Hulu Langat road, drive all the way till the end of the road, you'll see the welcome sign of Forestry Dept which is just side by side with Syabas reservoir.

Ample parking area, near Surau (under construction) and public toilet (new buildings)

At RM1.00 per person, it's a very reasonable entrance fee - TQ Selangor Forestry Dept for the "special" rate ;) ...

Before starting the trek, we have to report with the Park Ranger (En Borhan ?) and pay entrance fee of RM1.00 per person. The Pak Chik on the right is selling ice-cream sandwiched between roti, on his motorbike ... mmm sedap nyer ;)

All trekkers must register here ... Pls read additional input on this matter by MAHAGURU58 in the Comment Section below - very interesting POV - TQ MAHAGURU58 ;)

Gate to "paradise" ...

The Semutar Man in front of his camp ...

Breakfast time ... Telur sapa tuuu ? Half-boiled eggs anyone ?

Amboih ... bilik persalinan pun ada kat tengah2 hutan ?

Syahidi dipping in the cold morning waters. Actually trip kali nih bukan nak panjat puncak Nuang, tapi sekadar nak relax2 mandi manda kat Base Camp 1 jer ;)

BTW, Nuang has 3 main camps yang biasa trekkers berhenti rehat. Base Camp 1 (Kem Lolo) paling bawah, then Kem Pacat (beware mmg byk pacat, esp after rain!), finally Kem Pengasih just before reaching the summit.

Morning view thru the window of our tent ...

Inside the tent ...

Taking the path less travelled ... Honestly, i'm not sure the exact distance from the main gate to the 1st base camp. But since I made it to Base Camp 1 in 1hr 30 mins, and considering my normal average trekking speed of 15 min/km, i guess it's ok to conclude that the distance is roughly 6 kms ... one way ;) Not bad huh ... for a 50 yr old man ? Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, untuk future upgrades rasanya pihak jabatan boleh pasang tanda mileage supaya senang kita tau jarak perjalanan ;)

Father & son trekking team ;)

This is not a bus stop, but a pondok rehat for trekkers to take a breather. The Selangor Forestry Dept constructed 5 of these huts along the trek - good job TQVM !

Currently there wasn't any names/labelling assigned to it ... I thought it would be nice if the dept can come up with something like Pondok Lengkuas, Pondok Bawang, Pondok CiliPadi etc ... at least senang fellow trekkers nak rujuk nanti. Kalau susah2 sangat, bagi jer nama A, B, C, D, E ! kuang3 ;)

Cukup untuk dua hari 1 malam punya ration ... plus tent inside !

Yeah, dah sampai dah ... back to civilization ;)

Mission accomplished ! Puas hati & gumbira dapat spend quality time together with my son Syahidi (during his end of semester break)

At home ... cleaning and drying up of all trekking /camping equipments. Till the next trip ...


MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Tuan Haji!

Thanks for sharing these pictures with us your readers.

One thing I would like to ask is why the registration of trekkers or hikers is being done so haphazardly?

The ranger in charge should make sure that all details of the trekkers / hikers be entered in detail.

I see just Cheras or Ampang being entered as their addresses and also the names are not registered as per the IC's of the trekkers/hikers.

In an emergency, the registration book can't be of much help for this 'cincai attitude' of all parties.

No professionalism at all! :(

Muhammad said...

salam baba... :D FYI lepas i baca blog baba ni.. gambar yg terakhir skali tu mengingatkan i yg i x basuh lagi my tent after camping at CH baru nih.. Immediate lepas baca ur blog, terus basuh tent.. Dah aaa baru beli, syg aa kalau rosak plak nnt.. ;) Thanks sbb attach last image tu membuatkan i teringat nak basuh my tent.. lol.. :D

SAS - The Semutar Man said...

Mahaguru58: TQVM for ur comments. I hope the relevant authorities will take suitable action ;)

Muhammad: Klu nak barang kita tahan lama, kena lah dijaga sentiasa ... kuang3 ;)