Monday, July 16, 2012

Recce Sg Tekala Trekking Trails - 15 Jul 2012

As a closing activity before the arrival of Ramadhan 1433H just next weekend, I decided to go for a day-pack trekking with a trekker friend named Muhammad .. LOCATION ? Sg Tekala Forest Park, near Semenyih, Selangor. HOW TO GET THERE ? Easy access by road.. can take the Semenyih Road via Kajang town, or through Pekan Bt.18 Hulu Langat .. ;)

They have ample parking bays (FOC). Or can also park your car by the road side .. don't forget to lock !

Main entrance to the Hutan Rekreasi (Forest Park) Sg Tekala .. ;)

Entrance fee RM1.00 per adult .. not bad eh ? .. ;)

The trekking trail is abt 2.8km .. and the board says it can be completed within less than 1hr 30 mins .. ;)

The entrance to the jungle trail (Part I) is just behind the Guard House (beside the toilets) ..

From the start it was an uphill climb all the way .. but not very steep though .. ;) Worry not as the trek is quite clear .. you won't get lost .. insyaAllah ;)

After an 'easy' uphill climb, we reached a 'flat area' .. good for photo taking ..

Along the trails, we came across 3-4 giant trees such as this one here ..

After another 300m or so we reached the downhill slopes towards a small river ..

River crossing .. to the other side of the hill (Part II) .. At this point (rest area) we took a breather for about 20 minutes .. makan2 sambil lepaskan penat .. ;)

This is where it all started - the source of the river water / waterfall .. very nice cooling clear water ! Alhamdulillah .. ;)

Actually from here (rest area), you can take this 'easy' route back to the parking lot. Just follow this trail parallel to the river on your right side .. Those in a hurry to get home can take this trail (less challenging) .. hehe ;)

Since we are on a recce expedition, we decided to rough it up by climbing up this steep slopes (of the adjoining hill) .. can be quite challenging for newbies .. There's no need for ropes as you can just grab the tree roots n small shrubs for assistance .. hehe ;)

The trails here were very clearly marked .. insyaAllah trekkers won't get lost .. ;)

Beware of thorns .. I would suggest wear long sleeved light cotton shirt .. ;)

Once you see this signboard, you know you are close to the exit .. about 100m more to go ..

Finally you can see the exit .. the road side ..

This is the landmark for the exit from the jungle .. (view from the road side)

Need to walk a bit (about 300m) to the parking lot .. :) Mission accomplished within 1hr 15 minutes (2.8km) .. All in all, Sg Tekala is a nice place for a weekend trekking or outdoor adventure. It's also easy access by road from Semenyih Road (via Kajang) or from Pekan Batu 18 Hulu Langat .. ;)

Tq Mr Pacat ! Common souvenir from any jungle trekking trips .. no big deal .. small matter .. ;)

On the way back, we stopped by the roadside to savor this small waterfall .. very nice cooling water .. but not suitable for a dip though .. ;)


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