Thursday, May 2, 2013

My GOUT Experience

Definition of Gout >> a painful form of arthritis, caused by inflammatory reaction to precipitation of excess or 'over production' of uric acid in the blood and tissues, which frequently accumulates at large joints of the big toe, although any joint can be affected. Occurs predominantly in men. Tends to run in families.

Patient profile ..
54 yr old male, married with 1 wife and 4 teenage kids, very active in sports since young, now not as active as before but remain physically active as weekend warrior with weekly power walks and chi kung and monthly trekking or hiking to nearby hills or mountains ..

Oct 7, 2012 - gout 1st attack
Oct 29, 2012 - gout 2nd attack
Apr 26, 2013 - gout 3rd attack

My first gout attack was on .. 7/10/12 (age 53)
Attacked abt zohor time, had morning power walk as usual.
Possible cause >> Unknown (cannot recall any special activity or food intake prior to attack)
Treatment >> Went to Klinik AlHaj, given tabs Colchicine for gout, Papain for anti inflammation and Diclofenac sodium for painkiller.

My second gout attack .. 29/10/12 (age 53)
Possible cause >> Attacked after asar, on AL after eidul adha, took abt 5-6 small slices of Raya Korban meat and liver /hati goreng with ketupat ..

Treatment >> Went to Klinik AzZahrah, got a jab of Voltaren painkiller, not a wise action but have no choice but to take it to reduce unbearable excruciating pain in the joints of my right big toe .. Given tablets Colchicine ( with side effects of diarrhea) n tabs Danzen for anti swelling, Arcoxia painkiller and tabs Allopurinol for gout ..

Took blood test for Uric Acid with readings of 500 mmol/L (normal reading is 180 - 420 mmol/L). Fully recovered after almost 2 weeks, with medications both from hospital and traditional methods (honey, black seeds oil (Habatussauda), pomegranate vinegar, apple cider vinegar) ..

Third gout attack .. 26/4/13 (age 54)
After asar, one day after day pack hiking expedition to Bukit Kutu ..
Treatment >> Went to Klinik AzZahrah, took a jab of Voltaren, a painkiller to release the excruciating pain.. Tablets colchicine and Voltaren .. Uric acid level 440 mmol/L .. Now partially recovered after one week of medication (can walk n perform solat and other normal activities with ease without pain) .. Inflammation still visible after week one ..

Possible cause >> anchovies (ikan bilis) in nasi lemak, ground beans in rempeyek .. Satey with blended ground beans as gravy ..

What i thought of gout before the first attack ?
Gout only attacks 'old people' who are fat, lazy couch potatoes .. But i was wrong ! As gout attacks almost anybody, regardless of age, race, activity level etc

What now for me ?
To AVOID or at least control intake of BEANS and any beans family like peas, soy products, anchovies, seafood and purine rich meats .. Which can cause sudden increase of uric acid level in body .. Also to consume plain water as much as possible on daily basis to promote and assist in better blood circulation and excretion of excess uric acid .. Need more activities to sweat it out ..

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