Tuesday, March 25, 2008

GIGO - Garbage in garbage out !

WHAT GOES IN IS WHAT COMES OUT. Have you ever thought about how much your mind is like a computer ? Computer people always talk about the garbage-bin model; that is garbage in – garbage out, or simply referred to as GIGO.
That is why you have to be very careful when you program a computer. Even the smallest error will produce flawed results. In other words, the results produced by the computers will be no better than the quality of the programming.

Its the same way with people. What goes in is what comes out. Garbage in, garbage out, just like a computer system. Psychologists say we tend to become what we think about most.

We must be careful about what goes into our minds. If we want great ideas to come out, we must put great ideas in. If we want positive attitudes to come out, we must put positive information in.
If we want thoughtful, courteous, edifying words and deeds to come out, we must put the right kind of building materials in. An old proverb summarizes this well : You are what you “eat.”

What kinds of books do you read ? Which magazines do you look at most ? What music do you listen to ? What do you hear on the radio ? Which TV shows and programs do you watch ? Which websites or URL do you frequently visit ? Do all of these things help you become a better person ? Be sincere with yourself. Don’t just defend your “bad” habits, think about them seriously.

Remember that your mind is just like a computer, only more complex and advanced. Input – process – output. Simply put, what goes in is what comes out. Once you control your input, your output will take care of itself…

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