Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This posting is about my car collections... dedicated "to all the cars I've rode before" ... (sounded like Willie Nelson's "To all the girls I've loved before" ?)

1) Made : Morris Minor ? (1977) (my very FIRST car !, not quite sure of its made, but it's just like the one driven by the "infamous" Mr.Bean)
Model : 1000 Mini Austin ?
Plate # : CB something, forgot already ;)
This car was given to me as a present by my late grandmother somewhere in the late 70's, when I was doing Form 6 at SIC (Sultan Ismail College, KB). Actually it was "passed over" to me from my uncle who just graduated from USM that same year... :)

2) Made : TOYOTA (1986)
Model : 1.3 Corolla LE (Limited edition ?)
Plate # : DQ 3868

3) Made : FORD (1991)
Model : 1.5 Laser Hatchback
Plate # : DQ 3868 (transferred from Toyota LE), original nos forgot already lah !

4) Made : SUZUKI (1996)
Model : 1.3 Jeep Jimny 4x4
Plate # : CB something, can't remember (used only for 1 week !! as I was not happy with its body paint job / very crude finishing, resold immediately !) I bought it in the first place becoz of its "jeepness". I guess I'm a jeep kinda man !

5) Made : TOYOTA (1996)
Model : 1.8 (?) Unser
Plate # : CAX 8456

6) Made : NISSAN (currently driving since 2001)
Model : 2.4 Terrano 4x4
Plate # : CBF 434

7) What's next ?
Ermm ... not quite sure yet. Frankly, my Terrano has been very good to me. I like its ruggedness. "Been there & done that" to many places with her !! :) No major problems so far, after 6 years already !! I would say Terrano is a very reliable 4x4 ! Been sending her for regular check-ups & maintenance in every 4 months (or 5000 km) at TanChongMotor service center since the very first day. I just hope that the price of oil/gas is not that high, though ... heheh (wishful thinking) ...

Now I'm spending abt RM500/mth on gas & toll commuting 60 km (to & fro) between 3B (Bandar Baru Bangi) and Shamelin Perkasa (Cheras) for work, plus of course including the leisure weekend adventure trips & ronda-ronda cari makan with family members. Not that bad I guess ...

But lately, I've been googling for Honda HRV Crossroad (1.8 & 2.0 lit), but currently not in Malaysia yet. The Crossroad also known as Hummer of Asia ! The overall shape is very Hummer-like, just smaller in size, and of course I also hope that the price is much lower than the real Hummer ... I just love its boxy low-profile shape, looks macho & aggressive ! It's just sooo jeepy !

I'm also eyeing for (at least to get more info) Toyota Rush 1.5 SUV. Price ranges circa RM85K. Been to the showroom (Balakong) to see this 7-seater in person, but still not decided to buy or not, especially after finding out that Toyota uses the same engine spec as its Avanza variance. Could it be underpowered, esp with a 7-seater ? Need to get more input & comments from Rush owners (or may be Avanza owners ?).

The 200mm ground clearance is still a bit too low for my kinda SUV. I prefer at least a ground clearance of 230mm ! Another thing I don't like about the current Rush is the color scheme of the inside panels (cushions etc), where the interior color is ivory & sandal wood - just not my cup of tea ! Wish they also come with dark grey tones ...

There's also news thru the Internet, that Daihatsu (Terios) & Kembara (Perodua) will be coming up with quite similar models somewhere in mid 2008. So I guess I'll just wait and see. After all, my Terrano is still in good shape & been very "loyal" to me all this while ... I guess I'm not in the rush to get Rush-ed, not just yet !

My DREAM CAR ? (wish list)

The HUMMER (used in the Gulf War & sometimes can be seen on TV, used by CSI team...)

and the Land Rover DEFENDER 110 (commonly used by our army, hospitals, forestry depts & the like)

and of course JEEP.

To me, comfort is number 2. Power, ruggedness & aggressiveness are my number 1 priority !!

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