Sunday, July 13, 2008


It is a well known fact that the happiest and most successful people always see themselves as winners or champions and maintain an optimistic and positive outlook as they move toward their goals.

On the other hand, unhappy and unsuccessful people often have a pessimistic outlook on life. They lack confidence and have a deep rooted belief that they cannot do much or do it well. They do not realize they are advertising themselves as losers.

Developing self-confidence and a winning mindset will put you on the path to success in whatever you do. Of course, confidence in you doesn’t come easy – you’ve got to built it up gradually, one success at a time.

Of course, some people can fake confidence, in fact they may need to at first. That's okay. But real self-confidence comes from a history of small victories and accomplishments that add up to a sense that you can handle yourself well in almost every situations.

Self-confidence is knowing that you have the "capability" to function reasonably well in the world. In other words, you can’t be confident if you’re fearful or easily intimidated.

Here’s an exercise: Take an inventory of the major accomplishments you have achieved over the past few years. Then remind yourself of the minor ones too. Counting your blessings and victories will build your confidence - no matter how small or trivial they are.

What about the computer course you completed? Have you built anything by yourself that’s still standing? What about those kids you’re raising? That’s an accomplishment too. It is from these "minor" successes that motivates you to do more and better everytime. You have to start somewhere.

Don’t be modest. Tell the truth about how hard you worked, what sacrifices you’ve made. If you can’t think of any, then begin by congratulating yourself for living as long as you have. Sheer survival is an accomplishment these days.
Find ways to reward yourself, even small ones, for reaching your goals and for taking better care of yourself. Treat or reward yourself to something you like most, may be a new pair of jeans or an ice-cream sundae?

Ask what is unique about youself ? What skills do you bring to your family/home, organization or project that you can count on? What is it that you can do better than others ?

So the next time you want to develop your SELF-CONFIDENCE, start by first APPRECIATING YOUR STRENGTHS - no matter how small or trivial they are. Seriously, it pays to take the time to know your strengths and appreciate them. That is the only path to developing self-confidence.

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