Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Everyone wants a good job. But exactly what is it, that makes one job good and another job not so good ? Comedian Sam Levenson once said,

“When my immigrant father came here from the old country, he found out three things; that the streets were not paved with gold; that most of the streets were not even paved; and that he had to help pave them.”

We would all like to have big, glamorous, important jobs. What we find when we get one, however, is that it is full of mundane details and isn’t so glamorous after all. It can even get downright boring and frustrating some days. We have to do many things we really don’t want to do. We have to deal with many people with all sorts of profiles and personalities. But we forget that small, dull, routine jobs can sometimes be important.

Couple of years ago when I was complaining about being stuck in a “bad job", I received some good advice from one close relative. She suggested that if I couldn’t find a job I liked, I should concentrate on what I liked in the job I already had. She went on to say that my attitude flavored the way I looked at my job.

She was right. Attitude is important. A good attitude can make a good job. A poor attitude can turn even the best job sour. In almost any job, there is usually an element of excitement involved; whether or not we find that excitement actually depends on our attitude.

Here are four thoughts to help you maintain a “good job” attitude :

  • Think about who or what benefits by what you do. Even if you’re only a small part in a major operation, remember that each and every one of us has an important link – and that makes you important.
  • Comfort is a deadly trap. History teaches us that soft living leads to a decline as most satisfied people don’t push for change or growth. Struggle produces progress. Think about how you could improve what you’re doing. Striving to meet a challenge can add excitement to any job.
  • Find something to get excited about. Something to look forward to. Something to dream about. Something to devote your life to.
  • Keep telling yourself that you can do it. Be positive and stay away from cynics, whiners and complainers. They’re not going anywhere – you are ! If you keep telling yourself that you can do it, you probably will. Don’t let anyone tell you not to give your dreams a second thought. Aim to soar with the eagles !

All in all, your job can be wonderful or miserable. The difference is really up to you - as it’s all in your attitude. Wallahu'lam.


cikMilah said...

Assalamualaikum, bloghop fr Neeza Shahril.
MasyaAllah, there goes my long lost friend, Safiah Begum Ahmad Mukhtar! Yes,I am very sure that's her! We're housemate at McRee Ave. St Louis!
This is her KakJa - if she still remember.
Salam kenal dan salam jumpa kembali untuk Safiah.
Maaf ya, main terjah gini.. I am so excited!

SAS said...

TQ cikmilah. Yep u r right, that's Safiah - ur "old lost friend" from SLU. BTW u can contact her thru 019-966 7800. Wassalam.

misz_A said...

very motivating... just what I need at the moment...

Faiz... said...


having no problem is the biggest problem of all.

to me, when I faced a problem or something or the attitude that I don't like throughout fulfilling my tasks.... take 2 steps...1st... always remember that don't ever...ever turn myself to become one of "them". 2nd...take the problems as the golden opportunities to make improvements

Me... Only Better said...

Askm Bro,

Nice post...just as I am struggling to finish this long overdue assignment...give me semangat balik...

Ramadhan Mubarak

Me... Only Better said...

Abg Yan...I got award for you at my blog...check it out...

SAS said...

Thanks Tehsin. BTW ur PKapas photos r great! Just like a pro ... ;)