Monday, September 22, 2008


In any arguments people will normally be willing to do just anything or whatever necessary to get their messages across, trying to get others agree and concur with them. 

Sometimes they may get successful and sometimes not.   We may have heard this saying before. “No two persons are exactly identical. No two minds think alike. Not even identical twins. Differences are bound to exist.” 

And that’s actually what make each one of us special !   But what happens when another person does not share our views? Can we agree to disagree? Is it the end when both sides cannot agree? What happens next? Do we just walk out?   

Many times this phrase was used to end an argument. Sometimes, no matter how heated that argument might be, when a person says “Let’s agree to disagree” we see voices and aggressiveness immediately tone down.   

I have seen numerous examples of the effectiveness of “agree to disagree” in debates, meetings, discussions, gatherings and so on. It’s something like an agreement for a win-win situation. Actually, when people on opposing sides can accept each other with different views, then both sides win.   

Personally, I feel that if the issue is not a halal-and-haram or life-and-death matter then we should go ahead carry the attitude of agreeing to disagree. Some people call this sportsmanship or being sporting. But of course, there will be people who may agree and disagree with me.   

It is hoped that one day we can look into each other’s eyes and discuss matters with a high level of maturity without feeling offended. The saying of “do unto others what you want others do unto you” always helps me.

We can argue and disagree but we can shake hands after that.   Well, we are destined to live and work with one another. We are citizens of the same country... and the same planet earth! Why choose to make life difficult? Be merry and thankful that we have people around us who argue with us to make life more interesting.   Can you imagine a life without argument?  

(Original article : “Can we all just agree to disagree?” by Andrew Yap – The Star 18 July 2008)

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