Wednesday, January 28, 2009

201KM (02) - Lecture replacements due to Public Hols

FYI there'll b 3 Mondays consecutively that we r x going to meet due to Public Holidays - 26/1 (CNY1), 2/2 (replc of FT Day), and 9/2 (replc of Thaipusam).

Not to lag behind in our lectures, I've decided to replace our Monday's 201KM (section 02 only) class meetings (1030 hrs at LT3.4) to Wednesdays of the affected week (at 1400 hrs at LT3.6).

To summarize, the replacements r as follows: 26/1 (Mon) replc by 28/1 (Wed), 2/2 replc by 4/2 (Wed), and 9/2 replc by 11/2 (Wed). After these dates, all systems will b back to normal ! ;)

Pls pass this info to ur 201KM friends (section 02 ONLY !). Sections 01 and 10 r x affected by this arrangement ... TQVM.

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