Wednesday, January 28, 2009

346IS (01) - Lecture replacements due to Public Hols

This Jan-Feb there'll b 3 Mondays consecutively that we r x going to meet due to Public Holidays - 26/1 (CNY1), 2/2 (replc of FT Day), and 9/2 (replc of Thaipusam).

Not to lag behind in our lectures, I've decided to replace the 346IS lectures that fall on these Mondays (0830-1030 hrs at LR4.7) to Thursdays of the affected week (ie. during our tutorial slots 0930-1130 hrs at LR4.3).

To summarize, the lecture replacements r as follows: 26/1 (Mon) replc by 29/1 (Thu), 2/2 replc by 5/2 (Thu), and 9/2 replc by 12/2 (Thu). After these dates, all systems will b back to normal ! ;)

Pls pass this info to ur friends ... TQVM.

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Thanks for your lecture note (346IS)..
already download its ^_^