Thursday, January 22, 2009

346IS - Topics for Case Studies

The following r topics ur gp can choose from:

1. Cyber-court in Malaysia : do we really need it?

2. Computer Games : are they a waste of time and money?

3. The Online Social Network : more bad than good?

4. Radio Frequency Identification – pros and cons

5. Mobile tracking: boon or bane to the device owner?

6. Intellectual Property Rights and the Internet

7. The Data Storage Boom

8. Green Electronics : Not green enough?

9. CCTV Systems and Personal Liberty

10. Internet addiction: should we be concerned?

11. Desktops soon to be history

12. Credit cards versus debit cards

13. Proprietorship : boon or bane to the ICT industry?

14. The Malaysian government WiFi and WiMAX projects: how safe is safe?

15. Windows XP versus UBUNTU: A case study

16. Open source softwares : Are they really free?

17. Outsourcing : A local scenario

18. “Keep the number, switch the telco” : who actually wins?

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