Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome 201KM

To all my 201KM students, welcome ! Our new sem will begin on Monday 19 Jan 2009. Based on our CMS as of 5 Jan 2009, I was assigned to 3 sections of 201KM, ie Sect 01, 02 and 10 (new).

From now onwards, pls check this blog 4 any updates with regards to our class assignments etc. U can email me at My mobile # is 019-9491100 (sms only).

For ur first assignment:

I want ALL of u to create a blog dedicated to this subject for u to update (on weekly basis) the progress of ur respective gp projects. Look at it as an online logbook/portfolio ! I'll explain the details in class.

C u in class...;)


Nazmiezam said...

Salam...makna yer kami kena wat blog khusus untuk subject 201km n then kena wat summary tentang pembelajaran dalam kelas next sem nie?what about last sem?

SAS said...

TQ Ezam 4 ur input. Progress report tu hanya dr sem ni & seterusnya jer. We'll discuss the details in class nxt wk.