Tuesday, February 24, 2009

201KM (01 & 02) Final Project Report & Presentation

As a reminder to Sections 01 & 02, we r now in Week #20. May b by now some of u guys hv already completed the Final Report of ur Gp Project. As already mentioned in class, each gp will be required to do a short Presentation abt the project. This presentation will b held in class starting Week #23, ie. after the Semester Break.

I'm in the midst of constructing the Presentation Schedule (date, time, venue etc). Once done, I'll announce it in class, as well as post it up at my office door & my blog. So pls check it out from time to time.

For the Presentation, each gp just need to prepare betw 8-10 slides using PowerPoint, to b presented in the 15-20 minutes time slot, followed by a Q&A session. Highlight only the most important points/issues of ur project - ie. what's so great abt it ? Assume the audience as ur "potential investors" ... therefore u shd give ur very best to convince them ! Prepare 2-3 sets of printed copies of ur presentation slides (for the evaluators).

Marks will b awarded based on :
1) Knowledge of the subject matter / awareness of the problem domain (25)
2) Structure, language & delivery (25)
3) Critical, analytical & creative skills (25)
4) Question handling (25)

I wish u all the best ;)

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