Monday, March 2, 2009

201KM - Case Studies Presentations

For sections 01 & 02, we r now in week#21. In 2 weeks time u'll b going off for a 1-week sem break (pls check the latest acad calendar updates by AS'AD).

From my record, majority of the groups hv already prepared and presented their Case Study Presentation. This was meant to give u guys early practical exposure as to what and how it would really b like on the D-day of ur Gp Project Final Presentation (ie. from week#23 onwards).

I'm also happy to hear that many of u hv enjoyed the sessions, gained some confidence & lots of first hand real-life experience on how to handle questions & comments from the audience, do's and dont's of presentations, slides & font layout etc. Hint: Learn to EXPRESS, not impress !

BTW, if there's any gp or individual that has been left out (or x given opportunity to present yet), pls inform me immediately so that I can arrange a suitable slot for ur gp to present. Try x to miss this golden opportunity. Remember that this case presentation contributes 10% to ur overall grade.

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