Monday, October 10, 2011

Bukit Gasing PJ - the Suspension Bridge loop : 01 & 08 Oct 2011

It's been two weeks in a row that i went to Bkt Gasing (located in Sect5 Petaling Jaya area) - 1st was on 01 Oct 2011 for a recce of the place (with my wife n kids) and one wk later on 08 Oct with two trekking buddies .. Muhammad n Syazwan .. Actually this place was 1st introduced to me by a colleague Hasnah Shamsuddin .. ;)

How to get there ? Armed with only basic info of its location from Pakcik Google, I took the Fed H/way and after the Arch turn left at KWSP towards Jln Gasing, drive on for abt 2km till u c this sign post (photo above) for SMK La Salle (Jln Chantek) .. enter n drive all the way till u pass La Salle n reach a T-junction, after that turn right.

Drive on till u c the Main Entrance to Bkt Gasing on ur left (photo below) .. cari lah parking yg sesuai kat tepi2 jln depan rumah org kat situ .. ;) There r no parking tickets and u park at your own risk, so don't forget to lock ur vehicle and recite a doa .. insyaAllah it'll be safe .. ;)

One for the album with Syaza, Syaida n wifey Safiah .. Taken on 01 Oct 2011 (recce trip) .. For those yg selalu 'bocor' pls bear in mind that this place does not provide toilets. Kalau dah trpaksa sgt tu, pandai2 lah carik lokasi sesuai kat semak2 kiri kanan laluan tuh .. Pastikan bwk water bottle with u, just in case .. huhu ;)

As u can see, this whole area comprises of a cluster of 8-9 small hills with heights ranging between 262-525 ft ASL 'jerw' .. Difficulty level ranges from Easy to Moderate (based on my own scale) .. Suitable for 1/2 day wkend lite trekking / jogging in a jungle setting. Tp ada gak arr 1-2 lokasi yg agak steep / 'mncanak' (esp bukit yg after Suspension Bridge tuh) .. leh kalahkan Broga or Saga Trek A ! Klu x fit mmg mengah jugak lerr .. ;)

The trekking routes can b sectionalized into 3 main areas or loops. The bottom loop takes u to the Indian Temple uphill. The middle loop takes u to the Observation Tower (Menara Tinjau). The top loop passes thru Jambatan Gantung n takes u all the way to Kerinchi .. wh they say ada gerai Nasi Lemak yg best .. ;)

But my first recce trip just covered the middle loop (Menara Tinjau) wh took us abt 1 hr on relax mode while 'interviewing' fellow trekkers/joggers to gather info n taking photos here n there ..

Took the 2nd bridge that leads to the Observation Tower .. part of the trek already have man-made steps (wh i hate !) .. tp mujur lah kat tepi tangga tuh ada laluan atas tanah .. better for ur feet actually .. klu x pcaya cuba lah ;)

The observation tower (Menara Tinjau) .. nun jauh kat belakang tu leh nampak the Indian Temple .. utk ke sana kena ikut loop yg satu lg (the bottom loop) .. but regular joggers here said "there's nothing much" to see there except for the temple of course .. Plan to try this trail next visit .. ;)

From the Observation Tower we took the trail that leads to the Suspension Bridge along Trail 4 (Denai 4). Brehat seketika .. sambil2 tu Muhammad wat setting MotionX-GPS utk apps tracking sys kat iPAD dia .. ;)

One of those locations considered steep / 'mencanak' .. Syazwan kata naper lah aku ikut diorg nih .. ;)

A group of teenagers dgn selamba jer panjat .. ada yg siap bawak guitar .. ;)

Denai 4 .. laluan Suspension Bridge ..

Ramai gaks trekkers / joggers (abt 95%) yg pilih utk lalu kat bawah jambatan gantung .. gayat kot ?

Actually 'pihak pengurusan' Bkt Gasing dah pun letak tali merah-putih "Do Not Cross" kat jambatan tuh, tp ada lak mamat mana lah yg potong2kan tali tuh n redah selamba jerw .. Kami bertiga pun ikut jer lalu situ .. taking careful steps of course as some parts of the wooden plank floor already rotten, and some even missing (like in the photo below) .. ;)

Ini lah antara sbb nya ramai trekkers / joggers decided tak nak ikut Suspension Bridge nih .. ada sbhg bridge tu dah xder papan utk d pijak pun .. Trpaksa lah pijak kat wire besi tu jer .. Fuuh, leh kalahkan Man Vs Wild .. huhu ;)

Mission accomplished .. Overall, Bkt Gasing is a nice place for those 1/2 day wkend trekking /jogging in a jungle setting .. easy access thru Federal Highway (just behind our backyards), safe trails ranging from Easy to Moderate .. Will definitely come back again in future !

Sbg upacara penutup xtvt .. Syazwan took us to Kg Baru utk pekena Nasi Lemak Amir kat situ .. tapi mahal beb ! Mmg xkan pegi dah ke situ lagi pasni .. huhu :(

History Note :
Bukit Gasing was once a rubber plantation left idle for 50 yrs. Since then, the course of nature has overtaken the hillsides to produce a lush secondary forest with woody herbs and large tropical trees .. thus providing excellent flora and atmosphere for lite trekking and jogging in a jungle setting .. ;)


Muhammad Maharoff said...

Alhamdulillah.. I can c a lot of improvement from the ways u capture the images. Kebykkan angle photo kira okey, lah.. But the quality of the image still poor..

SAS - The Semutar Man said...

TQ sifu .. mohon tunjuk ajar ! Saya ni byk lg nak kena blajar dgn SirMart .. huhuhu ;)

Muhammad Maharoff said...

Kalau centu kena byk kan lagi trekking sambil amik gmbr which include me.. ;)