Thursday, November 24, 2011

Family outing @ Sg Congkak - Hulu Langat 13 Dec 2009

Hutan Rekreasi Sg Congkak is about 40km from Bangi. From Kajang Silk, take exit to Pekan Hulu Langat and drive all the way towards Gunung Nuang (dead end). Sg Congkak (on the left) is just after Pangsun abt 5km before reaching the entrance to Gunung Nuang ..

Parking area is manned by local residents, charging RM3.00 per car. Upon entering the park compound, we stopped by the guard house to pay entrance fee of RM1.00 per head. My kids rushed inside to find suitable spot for landing. We walked parallel to the river on our left .. 

Byk jugak ada camping ground (as u enter, it's on the right side of the river) ..

As usual kami sampai awal pagi .. so not many people around .. Boleh pilih spot yg canteq2 .. ;)

Cuaca pagi tu pun orait .. Tq Allah ;)

Suasana tenang .. udara bersih .. fresh air everywhere .. ;)

Finally, grab a spot .. a pondok by the river ..

Apa lagi .. breakfirst la dulu .. ;)

Gantung hammock .. bagi yg suka bergayut !

Air sgt bersih .. very cool, maybe becos of heavy shower last nite ..

More clean river water ..

Slippers parking by the river side ..

MasyaAllah sunggoh air kat sini ..

Having fun mandi manda with cousins ..

Dah penat mandi manda, eat again before packing to go home !

Time to go home ..

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