Thursday, November 24, 2011

Family Outing @ Sg Tekala 02 Jan 2011

Hutan Rekreasi Sg Tekala can be accessed thru Semenyih or Ampang (Hulu Langat) roads .. the road is very popular among cyclists, esp over the weekends.

The main entrance .. Parking is easy, just park along the roadside .. enough parking lots.

Report at Guard post, kena entrance fee RM1.00 per adult n 50sen for children (primary school kids) .. ok la, not bad. After all the place is clean n very well maintained .. ;)

Serene .. sejuk mata memandang .. Kami tiba awal, very early around 0730hrs. Tempat masih kosong, not many people around yet .. boleh pilih spot yg terbaik ;)

Grabbed one of the pondoks, just in front of the river .. ;)

Air nya jernih tapi tak sejuk sangat ..

After setting up at pondok, i decided to recce the place .. uphill, ikut jer stairs tuh .. ;)

Kat atas have one more rest area .. but quite dirty. Ada sampah sarap yg dibuang merata-rata tempat .. Anyway i saw one guy on his rounds to clean up the place .. Itu lah pasal, maybe we came too early this morning, even the cleaners pun belum sempat kutip sampah sarap peninggalan pengunjung yg datang ptg semalam .. huhu ;)

Just 5-6 minutes trek uphill, u'll see mini waterfall. Boleh lah .. ;)

Time for dipping legs into cool river water ..

Water is clean, not too deep for kids to play around. Mmg sesuai utk family with small children ..

Siap ada toilet n wash room ..

Has quite an ample place for group camping .. clean n well maintained.

Will definitely come back .. for trekking up the trails parallel to this waterfall. According to the notice, the 2.6km trail can be completed within 90 minutes .. i rasa leh complete lg cepat .. ;)

See u nxt time Sg. Tekala !

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