Monday, November 14, 2011

Kubang Gajah Waterfall - Kemensah : 12 Nov 11

This location was first suggested to me by a colleague (NorRosliza Manaf) abt 1 mth ago. After doing some research n gathering enough info from internet (thank u, i finally decided to recce this waterfall with my trekker friend Muhammad.

So last saturday we met up at ABC Maidin at Shamelin Perkasa, plus 3 other 'new faces' tagging along. After breakfast of roti canai n teh tarik we convoy towards Zoo Negara (below) ..

Upon reaching the zoo main entrance, we turn left towards Kampung Kemensah and drive on for another 5 km. The road may be getting smaller n smaller, but be not afraid .. just bulldoze n redah jerw .. ;)

Just follow thru the sign boards towards ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) .. keep right !

Proceed until u reach this dead end .. Institut Budaya Baru Malaysia (IBBM). I gave salam n have a brief chit chat with the Bangla man at the Guard Post, asking permission to park our cars by the road side. Alhamdulillah he said ok, with condition we do not block other vehicles coming in/out of IBBM.

We locked our cars, say some prayers .. Bismillahi tawakkal tu alallah ..

From the car park, we walked down a bit towards this trail head (on the right) .. At this juncture, i already issued 2 OFI's (Opportunities For Improvement) utk lokasi ini.

1st OFI - Local authority should put up a proper labeling spt "Ke Kubang Gajah W/Fall" .. tunjuk arah Trail Head bagi memudahkan mereka yg first timers to this place. In fact kalau nak lebih informative lg, tulislah jarak "4km/45 minutes" ..

2nd OFI - Local authority to provide enough and safe parking space for visitors. This will encourage more people to visit this wonderful place .. indirectly promoting eco-tourism .. huhu ;)

Gp photo : Shafiq, Muhammad, Ctee Baah n Fazz Ierra. The 2 girls were my ex .. i mean my ex-students .. huhu ;) They both took a class with me during their degree Coventry prg at KPTM KL couple of yrs ago. Now that they are working adults .. dah geng dgn ex-lecturers la pulok !

0900hrs: Start moving in. The trails are quite easy n clear .. actually it has been regularly used by ATVs. U can see ATV tyre tracks all over the place !

Trdpt byk lopak2 air .. mainly because of the heavy showers that early morning ..

Walaupun trdapat pokok2 tumbang di sebahagian laluan, tapi suasana udara tetap menyegarkan .. free fresh air all the way !

Trek dia mmg la lecak, muddy n wet ! Can see lots of ATV tyre tracks all the way .. Kasut getah 'Adidas Kampung' yg harga RM7.00 tu jugak lah yg terbaik n paling sesuai utk terrain mcm ni !

At this junction turn left .. uphill (sikit saja) ..

Helping hand .. trek very slippery .. ;)

Upon reaching this location, turn right towards waterfall ..

Suddenly a gp of ATVs catching up behind us. So we have to move aside to give them way ..

Fallen dried leaves like this reminds me of Fall season in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA (1982-86) .. ;)

Finally .. abt 45 minutes later we reached the camp site at Kubang Gajah waterfall. Quite an ample space, can easily accommodate 15-20 people for camping .. water source pun dekat ;)

Had a friendly chit-chat with the ATV guys .. n gals too ! They said they pay RM150 per pax .. hmmm .. not bad, boleh buat business mcm nih .. ;)

One for the album .. in the background is the Kubang Gajah waterfall .. but not very clear in this pict ..

Nampak mcm buah rambai, tapi bukan .. Anybody knows ini buah apa ?

Masa tiba kat waterfall dah ada abt 15 people mandi manda kat situ .. dalam hujan !

Ini lah yg di katakan Kubang Gajah waterfall tu .. Cantek kan ? Air nya sejuk sekali ...

Shafiq having his hydro-massage treatment .. FOC !

Water is crystal clear n very cooling ..

After mandi manda at waterfall for abt 1/2 hour, we trekked up stream for another 5-6 minutes to reach this river. From here we do a short river-trekking towards The Dam .. (below)

The Dam ! Air nya sejuk, paras air paling dalam pun cuma kat tahap pinggang jer ... x cukup dalam utk wat terjun tiruk ! Bro Shafiq tu nampak tinggi sbb dia berdiri atas batu .. huhu ;)

Ini lah kelebihan bawak aweks .. diorg ni rajin masak! Kami pekena nasi goreng n keropoks .. Thanks to Ctee Baah n Fazz Ierra .. Next time leh bawak lagi .. ;)
Time to go home. At 1230hrs we packed our things n start trekking back to the car park. Definitely will come back next time .. insyaAllah. And may be for an over night camping .. ;)

Masa trek masuk, we took abt 45 minutes to reach the waterfall. Based on my average walking speed of 5km/hr, i can safely deduce that the distance to the waterfall is abt 4km one way, so 8km to n fro. At my rating scale, this trek is easy-peasy category, suitable for weekend 1/2 day leisure trekking with friends n family (yg jenis lasak lerr) .. ;)


Muhammad Maharoff said...

What a wonderful place to go..! ;) It seem that ur skill in taking photos greatly improve compared with previous one. :P Congrate!!

SAS - The Semutar Man said...

Tgok la sapa sifu nya .. dia nakkan credit la tuh .. ;)