Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Weekend Training Trails at Sect3 Bandar Baru Bangi

When i don't go trekking or climbing any mountains, i will spend my weekends (morning) power-walking thru' this 'cross-country' trail just 10 minutes away from my home in Sect 3 BBB. The trail is parallel to the river starting from the UKM bridge towards Jalan Reko.

Based on my average standard walking speed of 5km/hr, I would say that the overall trail (to and fro from the starting pt) is about 5-6km, and can be completed within 1 hr to 1hr 30 minutes, pending on your speed n fitness level.

Normally after doing some simple stretching n warm ups routine, i will start walking up this steps towards the Petronas Station @ Sect 3 ..

From here i continue walking towards Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Baru Bangi until this uphill road .. (below)

Teruskan perjalanan .. ;)

Upon descent at this pt, kalau nak lebih 'challenging' u can climb up this small hill (on the right) ..
or else teruskan jer walking on the tar road .. ;)

... If u go up the small hill just now, u will come down thru here .. ;)

... n you'll see this small but beautiful lake.

Proceed walking towards the UKM bridge (on the right side of this lake).

When u reached the river side (under the bridge), turn left towards this trail .. ;)

Proceed .. on the left of this trail u can see 'rumah kongsi' / temporary wooden houses for construction workers .. ;)

Sometimes (esp after heavy shower the night before), u can see rubbishes stuck to the scrubs / small plants by the river side .. a proof that the river water has swell up even to that level !

As u walk further up, u will reach this big crevasse. The ground is mostly made of soft sand n mud .. be extra careful, esp if the soil is wet. U might get your shoes stuck in there !

To me, i consider the overall trail here is quite 'simple' n mostly flat land .. but there's also several 'cracks' or crevasse due to erosion like this one here that u hv to negotiate ..

After heavy rain, this small 'river' is usually filled up with water n is impassable !

Continue power-walking .. If you are lucky, you'll get to see abt 3-4 'ayam hutan' hanging around this spot .. but they r really wild. The moment they see us or hear people coming, they will immediately fly away .. that's the reason why until today i couldn't get to snap any photos of them (as proof) .. but they r very colorful .. ;)

Just walk thru parallel to the river on your right side .. very nice views !

Lokasi ni mmg dekat sangat dengan perumahan Sect 3 Tambahan .. But i guess not many people knows abt it .. ;) Lokasi ni sesuai kalau nak buat weekend outdoor breakfast with your family .. suasana tenang di tepi sungai .. ;)

Another 'challenge' that you hv to negotiate ..

... n this one too .. ;)

Some part of the river side is heavily eroded. I hope the local authorities will do something abt this immediately, or else .. ;)

Beware of 'kemuncut' (love grass?) ..

Cucumber anyone ? .. peninggalan pekerja2 Indon yang tinggal di 'rumah kongsi' yg buat construction projek perumahan di kawasan tu .. ;)

There's even a spot where someone just decided to build a mini farm for his ducks n even swans .. very kampung-like !

Teruskan perjalanan .. ;)

If u go thru this trail very early morning like 0700hrs, you'll come across herds of cows n sometime buffaloes 'migrating' from one place to another looking for 'greener pasture' .. huhu ;)

But don't be afraid .. just stay calm ;) They won't kacau u if u don't kacau them .. !

Some r friendly .. can even tap on his back ! (But not recommended for the faint-hearted !)

They just love bathing in the river .. natural jacuzzi for free .. huhu ;)

Teruskan perjalanan ..

Actually the trail is simple as u just need to just follow the river .. won't get lost one ! .. But be extra careful here becoz some parts of the trail is very close to the edge of the river .. huhu ;)

Some parts of the river even have mini rapids ..

This marks the end of the trail .. Nun jauh kat belakang sana (across the river) is the Hentian Kajang at Jalan Reko. Actually if u proceed on this trail, u'll see a bridge that allows u to cross over to the other side .. taking u to Section 5 BBB n Hentian Kajang !

From this point i usually turn back 180 degrees and walk back to the starting point thru the same trail. Biasanya can complete the whole cycle in 1 hr or so .. sempat lagi utk gardening sikit2 kat rumah spt pruning the dead branches n leaves .. I consider this as a healthy weekend activity .. Tq Allah !

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