Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gunung Tok Wan via Broga Hill : 17 May 2011

Gunung Tok Wan (GTW) in Semenyih can be reached via Broga Hill. This is my 4th climb to Broga, n 2nd time to GTW. This time MSofian Hashim n Hanafizah (Napi) tagged along ..

Converged at 0630hrs : parked my car by the Semenyih Petronas Petrol Station - near the junction to Broga .. Then i car pooled to Broga foothill with Napi n Sofian .. ;)

Pemandangan yg canteq dari atas Broga !

Green green grass of home ..

More green grasses ..

Ada beberapa gp remaja yg camping / bermalam kat situ .. ;)

Aerial view of one of the smaller hilltops of Broga ..

Beruntung jadi aweks .. ader jer org nak tolong bantu .. huhu ;)

Menunggu giliran panjat batu terakhir sebelum puncak Broga ..

After 1hr of climbing (on relax mode) we reached Broga summit (400m ASL). Distance from parking lot is 1.7km. From here to GTW is another 3.1km ..huhu ;)

Rehat 15 minit kat puncak Broga sebelum meneruskan perjalanan ke GTW .. huhu ;)

... sambil pekena bananas n drinks yg Sofian bawak .. Tq Pyan !

After trekking 1hr 45 mins from Broga we reached GTW summit (675m ASL). Summit to summit distance from Broga to GTW is 3.1km. When we arrived, there were already 2 gps of other trekkers relaxing .. ;)

Ruang kat puncak agak luas .. siap ada pangkin utk sesapa nak tidur / berehat .. ;)

One for the album : Sofian n Safian at GTW's summit !

Parking lot to Broga summit (400m ASL) = 1.7km (1hr climbing)
Broga to GTW summit (675m ASL) = 3.1km (1hr 45min trekking)

On the average, we trekked to GTW from parking lot within 3hrs (one way). So ascent n descent requires abt 6 hrs .. just nice for a 1/2 day weekend activity !

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